18 July 2012

This has been a 10-song playlist for your Wednesday night.

1. E.S. Posthumus: Unstoppable
(Lindsey and Cole did a pasodoble to this on So You Think You Can Dance last week. It was gorgeous.)
2. Dennis Ferrer: Hey Hey (DF's Attention Vocal Mix)
(Alexa and Daniel did a jazz routine to this on SYTYCD last week. If anything, it was clunky, and I enjoyed the music significantly more than the performance.)
3. Steed Lord: It's What U Do 2 Me (Jack Beats Remix)
(Ahhhhhh new mix.)
4. Blaqk Audio: Snuff on Digital
(In honor of them officially announcing the release date for their new album...for about the tenth time. But they changed their cover photo on their Facebook page, so it clearly must be the real deal this time around. Hashtag logic.)
5. Bombadil: Honeymoon
(I will never get tired of this song.)
6. The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted
(The best concert to which I have ever been. Hands down.)
7. Steed Lord: 123, If You Want Me
(Oldie but a goodie.)
8. The Noisettes: Sister Rosetta
(...this is off of the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Does Breaking Dawn even deserve to be italicized? No, it does not. But this song is so great that it does. Song name changed to reflect this fact.)
9. Bombadil: So Many Ways to Die
(You are exactly who you choose.)
10. AFI: Silver and Cold
(Oh my beautiful one.)

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