12 June 2012

I don't like D.C. I do.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I don't like the fact that public transportation is so expensive, that the buses I take only run every 25 minutes or so at best, and that an absolutely beautiful neighborhood is only two blocks south of my very sketchy one. I do not like that the CVS by my work sells $4 jars of peanut butter (because that is a lot of money for peanut butter) and that I do not feel safe walking to the Aldi by my apartment.

I like my 5th floor, sort-of-near Franklin Square office. I like the fact that POGO champions the Oxford comma, that they're absorbing the CDI, and that everyone is so willing to teach me about their work. I like that we have three chocolate supplies. I like that I may get to go to a Hill meeting at some point. I like that I get to have lunch tomorrow with the guy who pioneered the study of foreign lobbying.

So perhaps it is more accurate to say that I love/hate D.C. I need to give it time. It took me a few weeks to fall in love with Berlin. The same thing will likely happen in D.C.

(Also, there is an H&M literally across the street from my work and a food truck that pulls up around the corner at about 11 a.m. and sells kebab. It is $10 kebab, but still: kebab.)

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