30 July 2012

Monday Monday

1. Went to the Hill. Always a way to brighten up your day.
2. Chicken parmesan is delicious. 
3. And the oven didn't kill me. (I am slightly terrified of ovens.)
4. I finally get to write for POGO's blog! 
5. "He has the personality of a tree."
6. It's good to know that people who have lived here for over a year also have to pull out their phones every time they get on the Metro to make sure they're going in the right direction.
7. Over the weekend, an 82-year-old nun and several other elderly anti-nuclear weapons activists broke into  the Y-12 facility in Tennessee, got to where the uranium is stored, and spray painted all over everything before getting apprehended. Bad. Ass.
8. Old people broke into a nuclear facility--a nuclear facility with security guards. What is wrong with this picture?
9. I have mixed feelings about Dana leaving. On the one hand, Dana is great at what she does, and we're going to have a deficit of blog content for a while as everyone adjusts to her being gone. On the other hand, the reason I get to write for the blog is because she's leaving. So.
10. Seriously considering just doing the Fulbright application. Not sure I want it. Not sure I don't.
11. Andy: "I will be the chair of BIP next year, FYI."
Me: "Sweetness."
Andy: "That was not my reaction."

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